Just to say that this blog is going to become inactive since my exams are coming up, I'm trying to minimise as many distractions as possible. I won't be posting again for a while and lord knows if I'm coming back...

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Anonymous asked:

please help me have a high self esteem.... what do i do

asdfasdfasdf Answer:


  • stop doubting compliments. accept them. embrace them.
  • accept your flaws as indicative of a normal personality and not something unique to you (everyone has flaws. everyone.)
  • trust that your friends are your friends because they like you and genuinely enjoy you, not because they take pity on you.
  • identify what you’re good at. enjoy being good at it. take pride in your work when you’ve done it well.
  • don’t sell yourself short, ever, not even by tagging your own posts with “shut up no one cares” or “this is just rambling idk” it’s transparently insecure. respect yourself.
  • confidence builds itself. people respond well to confidence, academics and work respond well to confidence, even physicality responds well to confidence; and when things respond well to you, you become even more confident. it just keeps getting better.
  • at the same time, understand your own limits. i am a really confident person but i know for a fact i’m no good at a lot of physical activities. my confidence isn’t going to take a hit if i try to shoot some hoops and miss all of them. be reasonable about the expectations you place on yourself.
  • everyone struggles with self-love at some point in their life. do you really want to live your life hating yourself? why? why would you waste your time on that kind of thinking? i promise life is vastly better once you realize you’re a perfectly normal person who deserves happiness just as much as any other normal person

amazing wow thank you!